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I've finally got around to tuning things up and have added a bunch of new sites that I have discovered in my travels, I hope you enjoy some of these little gems and would like to get your feedback. If you find any links that are not working please let me know so that I can remedy that situation.

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Because the trailer IS better than the movie.
Joe Cartoon
Home of the Microgerbil and the frog in a blender.
They say that they are the funniest place on the web... could be.
The Last Page of the Internet
Haven't you always wondered about this?
Least Popular Sites on the Internet
No explanation needed here...
The Straight Dope
Ever wonder how they get teflon to stick to non stick pans? Answers to your burning questions here.
Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi
This ain't better homes and gardens.
Kill your favourite celebs or blast some hamsters.
Spatula City
The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything.
Planet Egomania
Starring Princess Natalie.
The Flummery Digest
Amazing but true facts.
The surrealist compliment Generator
Impress your friends!
The Net Enquirer
Humour, Parody, and Satire.
Haven't time to read, no problem here.
Humour in Quizzes
Extremely funny if not politically incorrect.
Hundreds of misinterpreted song lyrics, FUNNY, thanks to Ken for this one.
Computer Illiteracy
Real life calls for computer assistance, you won't believe some of them.
The Onion
News worth reading, may be offensive to some.
Frumious Bandersnatch
Some of the best satire on the web.
Calvin and Hobbes
For those of us that can't get enough of that boy and his tiger.
Urban Legends Pages
A great site with all kinds of totally bogus rumours.
Computer Stupidities
You think you're computer illiterate? Go here now!
Downloads to build and view interactive "Things" for your web-page.
Animal Cams
For all you animalistic voyeurs...critter cams!
Productivity of the Net
Lots and lots of Laughs!
Letterman's Top 10
Do I have to explain this one?
Worst of the Web
Shows you what not to do with your page.
Gorm the Wired Viking
Ever want to be younger? Gorm knows how to take off years.
Complex Statements For The Simple Minded
"Avoid cliches like the plague."
The Daily Humour Page
All the laughs you would ever want or need...
Internet Tech Support
Real calls that are really unbelievable...
Very Crazy Productions
Check the TOP 100 guestbook entries.
Deb & Jen's Land of Useless Facts
Impress your friends!
Centre For the Easily Amused
Laughs and links to more laughs...
Mirsky's Drunk Browsing Test
Funny even if you're a tee-totaller.
Campaign For Idiot Awareness
Humour and Satire about everday Idiots.
The Eccentric Playground
One of the funniest sites I've seen in ages!! (Contains Adult Material)
The Comedy Zone
Its just HUGE...too much to list...plan to spend time here.
How To Drive Like A Moron
Yes, there's a textbook for those vehicularly impaired persons.
The Biggest Waste Of Bandwith On The Net
Not really. Sure is alot of fun going here.
The Gallery of The Absurd
The Funny Farm
CLEAN humour and comedy for everyone.

Home Pages gif

Grimm's Den
Girl2NV's home on the web.
OkieLady's Rick Springfield Site
Proof that obsession won't get you arrested.
Tiffmeister's 80's Music Connection
Everything about music in the 80's, a great site!
Iowabob's Bookcase
An incredible site, especially if you're a fan of Stephen King.
Eldarfos Moo Page
Really freakin' wierd.
Chris Feyrer's Home Page
Home of the Llama...excellent graphics and music.
The Brad Grier Homepage
Just take a look at this and see what's possible.
The Marshmallow Peanut Circus
Another "must see" site.
Apartment 304
A site dedicated to Asian Martial Arts films.
The Cat's Meow
Carolina Girl's personal page...keep watching this one.
Jago's Bird E Zone
Take a look at Jago's feathered babies.
Litterpan Alley
Roscoe the cat's homepage...a must see for cat lovers.
Dakarai's Homepage
My friend has a great site for bird lovers.
Peach's Homepage
This is a really nice site...please visit.

The Web gif
Compact list of HTML tags.
Ever want to trace an IP? Need security?
The name says it all.
One of the best and safest download sites on the Net.

html goodies Best on the Web for HTML tips and tactics.

WWW Images and Icons
Lots of cool images for your page.
Even more cool images for your page.Chat forums and more.
Web Wizard
Yet even more cool images.
Headspace Beatnick
Add sound to your web page in 15 minutes.
Magellan Internet Guide
Reviews and links to the best of the Web...try the Voyeur!
HYPE Colour Specifier
Want to change your look? Colours galore.
The Icon Depot
1000's of free icons you can use.
One stop shopping for free downloads.
Web Dreams
Hundreds of original backgrounds for your page.
The mother of all search personal favourite.
Add a guestbook to your page, or a chatroom.
Wav files of all kinds here; Star Trek, Simpsons, Rocky horror, etc etc etc.
ICQ Lies and More Damn Lies
You HAVE to go here, very informative and funny too.

Entertainment gif

Want to know who is playing where and when? This is a great concert site.
Sound America
A massive selection of WAV files here!
Star Trek in Sound and Vision...I give this one a ten! too much to list.
Monty Python wavs to download.
Movie Sounds
Excellent selection of sound clips to customize your computer.
Mix 96 FM
One of our local online stations, 80's and 90's tuness to surf by.
An eclectic blend of music and news. A great online station.
Red Dwarf
The site for Dwarf fans.
Cool tunes, chat, games and so much more.
For all of you who didn't get enough or get out of the eighties.
Star Trek Continuim
Trekkers unite!
Trek links
The Nitpickers Guild and a bunch of great links.
The mother of all bookstores, has everything.
Wide Mouth Mason
Listen to one of my favourite bands.
The Card Trick
Can you figure this out?
Tommy Can Dance
Love'll love this.
Happy Days
Yes, you'll find the Fonz here. Couldn't resist.
Bare Naked Ladies
Doesn't this grab you? They're one of Canada's hottest bands...heh heh.
The Internet Movie Database
Over 150,000 movies!
Captain Kirk's Singalong Page
Ol' Bill rocks here... too funny.

Family gif

Surf Net Kids
Guide to the best sites for kids.
Crayola Family Play
Simply awesome site for kids.
Can't go wrong here.
The best station in the nation if you ask my kids.
Hotspot for Birds
An avian resource site.
Birds n Ways
Great site for Avian info.
The Aviary
Site devoted to our feathered friends.
Acme Pets
Talk to pet enthusiasts from around the world.
Chat site devoted to Birds.
N.A.C.D. Homepage
The National Academy for Child Development.
Not much else to say about this one.
Bill Nye THE Science Guy
Science rules! My kids love him, heck, I love him.

Other Stuff gif

Tests Tests Tests
How compatible are you with your mate?
Scientology Kills
Knowledge is aware.
Canadian World Domination
Resistance is futile.
What's in a name? Have yours analyzed.
Online Personality Tests
What type are you? These are alot of fun.
FBI Reading Room
Wanna know if J. Edgar Hoover looked good in a cocktail dress? These are the real X-Files.

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