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This page lists some but not all of the bands I really enjoy listening to...I hope you enjoy them as well as I.

Wide Mouth Mason... Maybe the best thing to come out of Canada since beer or hockey, this band really has it all. Incredible vocals, thought provoking lyrics, and a lead singer who plays guitar as well as anyone I have ever heard. With a mix of Rock, Blues, and R&B, this trio from Saskatoon is sure to become a favourite with people all over the world. To truly appreciate them you must hear them play live...they live for it. Click the link below to hear a sampling from their first album...

I have always been a fan of Supertramp and was lucky enough to see Roger Hodgson play live here this past summer on his "Solo Tramp" tour. He remains as one of the finest musicians I have ever heard and his personal site is a must for any fans.
Roger Hodgson's Homepage

People might not think of Blues and Canada going together but Canada has produced some of the finest Blues musicians in the world. The Jeff Healy Band is known world-wide, thanks in part to appearing as the "Double Deuce" band in the movie Roadhouse. Jeff Healy may well be without equal as a player...his unique style ( he plays his guitar on his lap) enables him to play like no-one else. I believe B.B. King once said that Jeff was the finest blues player he had ever heard...for more on this amazing band please visit:
JHB Unofficial Homepage. ...everything you would want to know is here.

Colin James has been a favourite performer of mine since he released his first album, playing everything from roots rock to blues, to swing, he is an artist that deserves much respect. He's another Canadian that has made his prescence known on the world stage.
Colin James / Biography

THE Barenaked Ladies... just their name makes you want to look doesn't it? Canadian music way out there on the edge, can't really put it into a category but you should take a look at:
Barenaked Ladies Really, its not a XXX site.

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