Kids and the Net

    If you are like me and spend any amount of time surfing ( I spend alot ), you too may have noticed and appreciated the variety of people who share our mutual interest, that being the internet. You most likely have been exposed albeit accidentally to some pretty objectionable material.

    What concerns me is the number of adolescents I encounter, especially when I am online in the wee hours of the morning. I wonder what these children's parents are doing letting their kids roam all over the internet without any apparent supervision. For your information I am usually up late writing these raves for your perusal.

    I'm a dad, there is no way that I would let mine or any kids venture out into cyberspace without the closest of supervision...hell...there are things that can still shock me and I never was any kind of angel.

    Do these childrens parents let the computer act as a babysitter? T.V. is bad enough but you get so much more on the net like real life wierdos and graphic and often violent pornography. For example, I went to what I thought was a decent site (it was) but the ads were of an extremely graphic nature...its a good thing my boys weren't looking over my shoulder because there are things I'm not ready to explain to 5 and 8 year olds.

    Like I said...I'm no angel and I don't judge anyone for what they like to look at or listen to...we're adults and should know what we are doing. What I find reprehensible is those parents who let their kids roam the internet without supervision. If you want to play on my computer you have to know the will be a long time before I stop punching it in when my kids want to play.

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